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Waipaoa Station offers flexible options

Bayleys Gisborne rural specialist and director Simon Bousfield says the 3648ha (Subject to Survey) property has a proven track record for its ability to both finish stock and deliver well-bred sheep and cattle into the local and national livestock markets.

Waipaoa presents multiple options across its four blocks, available either individually or collectively, offering exceptional land use opportunities from its highly productive, irrigated flatter country through to expansive quality breeding sheltered hill country.

The four blocks Waipaoa is spread across comprise the 1667ha Waipaoa block, similar sized Wheturau/Te Kowhai block, 195ha of Whatatutu and 111ha Te Hau, with each offering varying aspects well suited to their various uses.

Collectively the property has the capacity to run the present contingent of 35,000su, comprising a 50:50 mix of cattle and sheep including 13,000 ewes and 1350 mixed age Angus breeding cows.

The medium contoured rolling country of the Waipaoa block means it is well suited breeding country, comprising some flat areas and steeper country with pockets of regenerating native bush. This block also offers significant areas ideal for sheltering cattle over winter.

The Wheturau block is ideal as sheltered rearing country, with most finishing done on the Whatatutu and Te Hau flat country. Other blocks on the farm are also very capable finishing country in their own right. Across the entire property the altitude matches the flexibility of the land use, being a very attractive range of 80m above sea level through to 600m asl.

“Waipaoa sits in something of a sweet spot climatically, with good consistent rainfall spread along its length averaging 1600mm a year, and over 2200 hours of sunshine a year, providing the properties with a generous seasonal growth curve.”

The two largest blocks Waipaoa and Wheturau/ Te Kowhai consist of a good level of farm infrastructure.

Waipaoa is well known for its cadet training school, a registered charitable trust established in 2007 by local industry leaders to create a land-based training programme for young farmers.

On Waipaoa there are eight houses plus the 10 bedroom “Moonlight” training complex which includes full cadet quarters, and cooking, lecture room and bathroom facilities.

The adjoining Wheturau/Te Kowhai block, Wheturau also being part of the original Waipaoa Station is well matched with its significant areas of terraced and river flats and easy-medium hill country that has a warm northerly aspect.

Both these larger blocks are well serviced by reticulated water supply fed through gravity and boosted systems and are accessed by a well-formed all weather central race that offers rapid movement through the bulk of the property.

Overall, the station comprises 1900ha of reticulated supply, with a further 600ha due to be installed in early 2023.

The station’s ability to finish stock well, and winter successfully, is facilitated by the station’s 300ha of quality flats on alluvial soils within the Whatatutu and Te Hau Flats block. This includes 124ha of consented centre pivot irrigation across four machines, with irrigation sourced from the Waipaoa and Mangatu Rivers. Consents are held for a further 80m hectares of irrigation.

Subdivided into manageable 5ha paddocks, the scale of the flat land is a rare asset on any property in this sub-region, helping offer summer dry insurance and also the ability to grow crops suitable for wintering on and enhancing the station’s 700-plus hectares of genuine finishing land.

The irrigated country’s location only 80m above sea level with even 1100mm of rainfall ensures an even growth pattern throughout the seasons. Infrastructure on the flat country includes a full regiment of woolshed and implement sheds, complemented with four homes including a quality established homestead and period cottage.

In terms of its location Waipaoa is less than an hour from Gisborne city with its full complement of services and amenities, along with the enjoyable lifestyle options the east coast offers for hunting, surfing, and fishing.

“An investment in Waipaoa represents a stake not only in a quality farm enterprise, but also in a piece of New Zealand’s farming history, and future, when you consider the farm cadet scheme it accommodates.

“We expect a broad level of interest in Waipaoa, its expanse and blend of land use types means it offers a self-contained and resilient farming operation. This is invaluable as farms start to grapple with the uncertainties climate change and weather patterns will bring. It’s a well proven operation with years of investment into farm infrastructure and improvements, and still scope for future development,” says Simon Bousfield.

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