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Class-leading Gisborne property keenly sought.

Thanks to promising prospects for on-going positive returns for sheep and cattle interest is anticipated to be strong in a Tiniroto property being marketed by Bayleys in Gisborne.

The 1068ha Maranga Station property located only 30km from Gisborne on sealed roads comprises largely of healthy hill country, along with 40ha of flats and 60ha of second rotation pine plantation. The property is being sold by tender.

The bulk of Maranga sits below 400m above sea level, enhancing its relative proximity to the coast by minimising frost days, with the top of the property touching 580m near Rimuhau Peak.

Maranga has long been regarded as a showcase property within the district, known for its consistent level of investment in both capital improvements and fertiliser application over the years, optimised with an exceptional level of farm management over that time.

That recognition has extended to becoming a finalist in the 2015 Ahuwhenua Trophy awards that recognise excellence in Maori farming.

Consolidated in its current form by respected owners Janice and Marty Charteris the property winters about 10,000 stock units including 2400 mixed age ewes, 860 hoggets and 1900 trade lambs. Cattle includes 200 breeding cows, and 600 rising one mixed type cattle and 100 three year old first calvers.

The property has also mustered killable goats in the past to be processed by a local meat exporter. Running a split lambing policy in the past has meant Maranga has been able to capitalise on lucrative Christmas market returns when the older ewes lamb first and the property on average has finished over 6000 stock units a year.

Lambing percentages are among the district’s best at 140-150% with lambing starting earlier in July, then September for the main dates and early October for hoggets.

The Romedale-Coopworth flock has Hinenui Genetics as its main sire source, renowned for its high producing eczema tolerant genetics. The Angus cattle includes bulls sourced from Kaharau Angus at Riminui Station.

Maranga has enjoyed an exceptional fertiliser history, with applications of about 230kg of sulphur super being applied every year on the hill country, while the flatter country has received 300kg/ha a year of Cropmaster.

This has done much to enhance the flat land’s productivity alongside extensive re-grassing to ensure they are capable of generating over 1000 round bales a year in supplement.

The owners have focused on building pasture clover levels to the point no nitrogen fertiliser has been applied to the hill country, while every five years the flats are sprayed out and re-grassed with a high performance sheep and beef mix, and additionally the flat country has little nitrogen applied.

This is reflected in the property’s healthy phosphate levels, ranging from 23 to 43 on the highly productive flat country.

Exceptional grass quality has been capable of being maintained across Maranga thanks to a high standard of paddock fencing with 120 main paddocks, some with electric equipped.

Investment in pastures has also extended to Maranga’s capital improvements, including three wool sheds, one used as a storage shed, along with combination yards and cattle load out yards near the homestead.

There is also a good range of quality hay barns and tractor shed on the property. Access to many of the property’s blocks is also facilitated through the quality all weather public roads encircling it.

Maranga has also capitalised on its proximity to Gisborne’s port with good plantings of pine, some now on its second rotation.

This has included 20ha harvested in 2016, and another 20ha harvested in 2018. The steep country around Rimuhau Peak has been protected with 48ha of QE II plantings, along with 13ha of Protected Management Area bush.

The station’s main homestead has been extensively refurbished in recent years, including a new roof, deck, diesel heating system and external paint job. It also includes six bedrooms, a swimming pool and external storage. Two other houses on the property are both three-bedroom, offering an excellent level of staff housing.

The Maranga tender closes on Wednesday November 27.

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