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Centuria Debt Investment – Forecast 10% p.a.* pre-tax return with a 12 month investment term**

Centuria Bass NZ First Mortgage Fund No. 4 is a fixed term property debt investment opportunity offering investors a forecast pre-tax return of 10% p.a.*, with investors’ funds used to refinance a land bridge loan to borrowing entities associated with Thames Pacific, a reputable New Zealand property developer, secured by a first mortgage over two Kapiti Coast properties. Investors’ capital and the target return are forecast to be distributed when the land bridge loan is due to be repaid in April 2025. **

For more information on this investment opportunity, including the Investment Memorandum click here or contact the selling agents below.


Current offer disclaimer:
* Target return of 10.0% per annum net of all fees, with the return and the initial investment repaid at maturity of the Bridge Loan. The return is calculated on a pre-tax internal rate of return basis (IRR).
** Expected term is approximately 12 months (391 days from the assumed allotment date of 18 March 2024), however the loan may be extended (as described in the Investment Memorandum).
The offer is being made by Centuria Bass NZ Financial Services Limited. The full details of this investment opportunity are set out in the Investment Memorandum, which you can find at We advise all potential investors to read the Investment Memorandum carefully and ask questions before investing. The Investment Memorandum is not a product disclosure statement, offering document or other form of disclosure document under New Zealand law (or any other law) and may not contain all the information which would be required to be disclosed in such a document or which investors may require to make an informed investment decision. As the offer is only being made to persons who are 'wholesale investors' within the meaning of clause 3 of schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMCA), the Offer is not a regulated offer and is not an offer of financial products that requires disclosure under Part 3 of the FMCA.
Nothing in this advertisement constitutes an offer to subscribe for, or an offer of securities or financial products to any person, in any country, in which it would be unlawful to do so. Terms used in this advertisement have the same meaning as defined in the Investment Memorandum, unless the context suggests otherwise.
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The content of this website is general in nature – it is not intended to be financial advice and should not be relied on when making your investment decisions.
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Bayleys Real Estate Limited cannot provide you with any such independent financial advice. Important information about the financial advice service provided by Bayleys Real Estate Limited is available here. No person including Bayleys Real Estate, our Financial Advisers (selling agents), or the manager of the scheme, guarantees or promises any return to investors.
Should you wish to make a complaint, further information is available here.