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Strategic transaction services

Within Bayleys Business, a team of highly-trained professionals deliver market-leading Strategic Transaction Services (STS). This service has been designed to protect the intellectual property of your business, with core principles of professionalism, knowledge, trust, and confidentiality usually reserved for the top tier of the mergers and acquisition sector. Our services include:

  • Sell-side advisory

  • Information memorandum preparation

  • Buy-side advisory and opportunity identification

  • Dedicated due diligence support

Our team exclusively represents businesses with an enterprise value of between two and $50m, using off-market strategies to mitigate the risk of exposure. To market successfully with limited publicity, we use a targeted approach that leverages extensive industry research, connections and networks, introducing only qualified buyers to appropriate opportunities.

We boast an extremely high success rate thanks to a combination of extensive due diligence and presale analysis, informed by scientific valuation methodologies. We take time to understand your objectives to ensure our collective values and expectations are aligned.

Our business is supporting yours, and we provide bespoke solutions in every situation, including advising on business optimisation strategies to ensure you achieve your ultimate goal and desired outcomes. Our preference to work almost entirely on a success fee basis reflects confidence in our ability to deliver an exceptional outcome for you every time.